Character Intro

Zhao Yun


Tall, wise and brave, he was one of the Five Tiger Generals of the Shu Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period.

Famous for the rescue of Liu Shan.



Sky Ripper: Zhao Yun deals high STR DMG to enemies in a huge area in front and inflicts Pierce for 10s.



Seven In, Seven Out: Zhao Yun's troops are immune to Slow. Whenever an enemy troop is killed, hero gains 10% ATK until the end of battle. Stacks up to 7 times.

Five Tiger Generals: Hero gains 20% DMG. 3 deployed: Five Tiger Generals deployed gain another 20% DMG. 5 deployed: 3 deployed effect applies to all allied heroes.

Baima Brigade: Replenish 2 soldiers every 15s, until squad is full.

Steel Spear: Troops gain 20% Crit.


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