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New Mount Strategy - Metal Eater

Metal Eater Review

Metal Eater increases Evade and Crit Hit DMG.



It contains the Sudden Strike skill, which is divided into two categories:

① After each evasion, the hero's Crit increases by 2.5%.

② After each critical strike, the hero's Crit DMG increases by 5%. This effect stacks up to 20 times and lasts throughout the battle.

- Recommended Hero to Pair With


To decide which hero to equip this with, there are two aspects to consider:

① For the strongest damage, there isn’t any anti-riot bonus. The Crit Hit bonus is nearly 100%, and the explosive damage is one in a hundred.

② The second attack hero who’s survived for a long time, has a system that allows you to use a skill (such as Crit) to defeat tons of enemies at once if their HP is low. This allows a higher fault tolerance rate, which means that even if you use the wrong skill, it won’t really affect the outcome of the battle, and the chances of recovering are really high.

Therefore, the most suitable hero for this Mount would be either Marquis Lu Bu or Jiang Wei. The 11% Crit DMG bonus provided by a high star level increases Crit DMG by 220%, at a total of 20 stacks. In general, Crit DMG is doubled while the Mount will deal an additional 4x damage. Compared to the increasing stacked attack, it’s much more cost-effective.


For many old players, the hero’s HP and ATK proves there’s no issues with Crit DMG. The first Mount skill at 0 stars can take effect after obtaining a Mount. Compared to the previous system, this system is much more user-friendly, allowing players to obtain Mounts more easily.


Now, let’s check it out in actual combat to see who’s more suitable for this Mount!


Recommended Lineup

- Offensive Mounts

White Lion & Sima Yi: Makes up for attack speed

Obsidian Tiger & Guan Yu: Clones can also cause Crit DMG

White Elephant & Zhuge Liang: Increases range of Area DMG to make up for a lack of skills

Moon Rhino & Zhou Yu: The shield protects Zhou Yu in the beginning, and increases the fault tolerance rate.

Metal Eater & Marquis Lu Bu: increases damage in the beginning and suppresses enemies.


- Defensive Mounts

Shadow Runner: increases HP recovery, when paired with Liu Shan, and obtain twice the results with half the effort with Zhuge Liang’s Trigrams.

Red Hare: increases immunity to damage. If you don’t have a high-star Sun Ce, it can also be equipped with Jingang or Zhou Tai to increase damage tolerance.

Wuzhui: increases attack, suitable to be paired with Lu Bu (protected by Guan Ping)