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Line Up Recommendation - 21579-SEA-27

Hello, I am a beginner in this game and just played 2 months ago, and this is the line up that I installed to play this very spectacular game.


From the picture above, I play more for the WU faction, from the strategic Zhou Yu who has the fire element to burn the opponent, it would be very useful for the 3 wu archers I placed including Gan Ning, Xiao Qiao and Sun Shangxiang. where it will trigger Zhou Yu's skill, namely the Archer Captain and a very strong fire shot. and why did I enter zhang he instead of taishi ci because the level of my taishi ci is still low compared to zhang he and zhang he is very effective with his skills that cause poison and the good effect of this poison can be stacked.


for other heroes I choose Da Qiao because of its very good healing effect when Da Qiao takes out the totem he is able to recover HP 2 heroes this effect is not maximized because my Da Qiao is still 4 stars.


for the front i chose liu bei, huang gai and sun jian starting from liu bei why i chose him as infantry because of his skill which is immortal when he dies will remain in the battlefield when there are allied units that are still alive this effect will prolong liu bei is alive because I have Da Qiao and Huang Gai as healers. and the reason why i chose huang gai and sun jian in the front row is also because for sun jian he will trigger the tiger general skill which is the main combo for the WU line up, and he is able to cause slow effects for opposing heroes and it's possible for my archer heroes to deal more damage and huang gai acts as a tanker and also a healer who will make this line up last longer on the battlefield. for the beasts I chose the ground ox which had the strongest defense among the three beasts. for the beasts I chose the ground ox which had the strongest defense among the three beasts.


now we go to the position of the hero on the top left I enter Gan Ning and Xiao Qiao who will act as damage dealers which when the battle is just running the two archers will get a buff from the unpredicttble relic thereby increasing its power by 2.5% to 3 enemies, and in front of sun jian when the fight starts will bring up a yellow turban army so that it will prolong the life of sun jian and he will give more debuffs.


and the most important of this strategy is that the cost is not so much and to get this free hero can be found in the recruit menu where we need our money and can compete with the high spanders


Before I close my explanation of the strategy I have I will show you the evidence that it will work very effectively against Zhuge Liang who made many players stop playing this game.