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Analysis of Paid Strategist - 15387-SEA-5

Hua Tuo

Huo Tuo having powerful healing and free from control affect affect,in the same time ,have most strong assist skill and debuff status.

All this skill can guaranteed that the survivability of the lineup have been improved by several grade.

The output environment has been well improved


recommend formation

  Zhuge Liang Cao Cao  
Ma Chao Huang Zhong Guan Yu Adou
    Zhang Fei  
      Liu Bei


1)Five tiger general can active talent skill twice,output damage is very high

2)Cao Cao with Adou,frontline tank can guarantee ,in the same time Cao Cao provide shield and defensive buff for all teammate

3) Zhuge Liang can output can heal,with Huo Tuo healing and debuff skill can make lineup output environment be guarantee safe.


Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang is a atacker style strategist,having output and in the same time have control and sheild ability ,

big skill can continue output and spread the burn affect.


recommend formation

  Xiao Qiao Zhou Tai   
Sun Quan Zhou Yu Cao Cao  
  Lu Xun Sun Ce  
  Taishi Ci    


1)Strategist Zhuge Liang combo with Zhou Yu & Lu Xun,their burn affect is very effective.

2) Cao Cao & Zhou Tai with Zhuge Liang shield skill can increase frontline tank, Sun Ce can continue war after he dead.

3) Taishi Ci can direct face with heavy cavalry,Xiao Qiao can increase enemy injury,Sun Quan provide atk buff in the same time he can free from control.


Diao Chan 

Diao Chan having skill can reduce damage and increase critical buff skill ,and most powerful skill is ultimate ,

she can copy our side most high STR and deal the damage on enemy behind hero.


recommend formation

  Diao Chan Cao Cao  
Zhang Liao Lu Bu Sun Ce Xiahou Dun
    Dong Zhuo  
  Sima Yi    


1)Zhang Liao can increase atk of allies on the same lane,this can easyily break down enemey frontline

2) With Lu Bu,Strategist Diao Chan can copy and deal the damage on enemy behind

3)Diao Chan can combo with Lu bu,she clone the lubu, this clone with real Lubu,will deal more damage.


Guo Jia

Guo Jia most impressive skill is can summon camp (soldiers) for battle,in the same time can heal our unit hp and reduce enemy atk,

through camp can disturb enemy formation ,this can provide more space for our dps.


recommend formation

  Zhuge Liang Cao Cao  
  Zhou Yu Cao Ren  
  Zhang He Adou  
  Sima Yi Dian Wei  


1)This formation is poision and fire,battle time more longer ,the damage will high, Guo Jia skill can provide more time for DPS output.

2) 4 tanker with Guo Jia healing skill and Zhuge Liang talent skill.will increase the lineup survival time .