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Xiahou Dun Skills & Recommended Combination

Xiahou Dun

Talent [Dauntless Mind] Control, Group DMG

When an enemy hero dies, Xiahou Dun deals high STR DMG to all enemies and stuns them for 1.5s.

Star Up Effect:

4 Stars: Increases damage to 150%.

5 Stars: Increases Stun duration to 2.5s.

6 Stars: Chance to trigger the death of any enemy hero.



1st Skill [Armored Cavalry] Enhance

When Xiahou Dun is deployed, allied Heavy Cavalry has a 20% chance to gain a shield equal to 100% of ATK and immunizes control effects when the shield exists. Also enhances Xiahou Dun’s shield effects by 20%.

2nd Skill [Strict Orders] Enhance

Increases own units’ ASPD by 15%. The effect is doubled when the hero is boosted by buff.

3rd Skill [Unyielding Heart] Enhance

By taking the first fatal damage, Xiahou Dun won’t die and will receive a shield equal to 1000% of ATK.

4th Skill [Fearless Spirit] Passive

Increases Total ATK by 5%. Enhances the effect by 100% for every 10% HP lost, stacking up to 10 times (effective after HP recovery).


Hero Talent and Skill Summary: Hero that leads Wei Heavy Cavalry. Has a chance to gain a shield while attacking. Deters all enemy heroes when an enemy hero dies.


Recommended Skill Upgrade Priority: Armored Cavalry -> Unyielding Heart -> Fearless Spirit -> Strict Orders


Recommended Pairings:

Xiahou Dun + Lu Bu/Zhang Liao/Hua Xiong/Wen Chou: Xiahou Dun's Armored Cavalry greatly increases survivability for Heavy Cavalry.

Xiahou Dun + Cao Cao: Cao Cao can help increase Xiahou Dun’s survivability.


Recommended Formation: Xiahou Dun + Lu Bu + Guan Yu + Wen Chou + Diao Chan + Zhang Fei + Cao Cao + Huang Zhong

Reason for Recommendation: Xiahou Dun and Zhang Liao match well with the power of Lu Bu and Wen Chou. Guan Yu is the strongest Light Cavalry hero, and Zhang Fei can be placed in front of Cao Cao to increase his survivability. After being defeated, Diao Chan will increase attack for all male heroes.  At the same time, Diao Chan can clone Lu Bu and continuously attack through the clone.