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Formation Guide

Need help with setting up your formation? Check out this quick guide.


Setting up your formation in Dynasty Origins

A. [Guardians] start with a Shield.

Traits: Guardian heroes have high DEF and low ATK. They can gain shields, gain max HP, reduce damage taken and heal HP. Some Guardians also have control and buff abilities. Their main role is to absorb damage and stop enemy heavy cavalry charges.

Examples: [Cao Ren]'s talent gives a shield to heroes and troops in the same row. [Zhang Fei] controls all enemies for 1s.

Formation guide: Put Guardian heroes in the front row, especially when the enemy has cavalry, in order to protect damage dealers in the back.


B. [Infantry] gain total ATK when attacking with melee troops.

Traits: Infantry heroes have high ATK and average DEF. They can gain ASPD and Crit, and inflict Pierce, Slow and other effects. Some heroes also give their allies a bonus. Their main role is dealing damage and boosting allied heroes. They can also absorb damage and deal with cavalry, but are less effective in this role.

Examples: [Zhao Yun] and [Zhou Cang] inflict Pierce. [Sun Jian], [Lu Meng] and [Cheng Pu] inflict Slow. [Liu Bei] and [Sun Jian] give heroes from the same faction an ATK boost.

Formation guide: Put them behind Guardian heroes or in the same row, but avoid enemy cavalry, and keep them alive as long as possible to increase damage output and inflict negative effects.


C. [Light Cavalry] Increased Crit when attacking archers and support.

Traits: Light Cavalry heroes have high ATK and increased Crit when attacking archers and support. They have low DEF and focus on dealing damage and inflicting Stun and Pierce. Some heroes can also [Summon]. Their main role is dealing damage and attacking the enemy back row.

Examples: [Ma Chao] [Yan Liang] are pure damage dealers. [Gongsun Zan] inflicts Pierce. [Ma Yunlu] [Ma Dai] [Cao Chong] can [Summon]. [Guan Yu] is also a summoner, but has even stronger stats.

Formation guide: Place them where the enemy is exposed to hit them in the back. If the enemy has filled their role, target Infantry heroes with weak DEF (if you have heavy cavalry, put them behind the heavy cavalry to hit the enemy back row).


D. [Heavy Cavalry] deal damage equal to their ATK that ignores DEF on their first attack.

Traits: Heavy Cavalry have explosive damage output and the ability to break through the enemy front row. Their main role is dealing damage, with some heroes also having buff abilities. They can break through the enemy front row to hit them in the back.

Examples: [Lu Bu] is a powerful damage dealer, especially in combination with Diao Chan after Brutality has been activated. He can be the main attacker for the team. [Zhang Liao] gives a bonus to allies in the same row and column, which can mean the entire team if placed properly.

Formation guide: Put Heavy Cavalry heroes in the same column to increase their breakthrough effectiveness, especially against front rows with weak DEF. Victory is in sight once they get into the back row.


E. [Archers] deal more damage when they are further from the enemy.

Traits: Archer heroes have high ATK, which increases with distance. Their main ability is damage output. Some heroes deal extra damage to targets with Slow and Burn, and a few also have defensive and poison abilities. They are the main damage dealers of your team. 

Examples: [Huang Zhong] is a pure damage dealer who can also hit the enemy back row. Wu Archers like [Gan Ning] and [Sun Shangxiang] can deal extra damage to slowed or burning enemies. [Taishi Ci] is the only archer with resistance to cavalry, allowing him to be deployed in his own column. [Zhang He] is the only archer that poisons the enemy, whose ATK increases over time.

Formation guide: Put Archers in the back row to increase ATK, and protect them with front row units.


F. [Support] take less Spell DMG.

Traits: Support heroes take less Spell DMG and deal INT DMG. They can inflict Silence, reduce DEF, slow, poison, and cause other negative effects. They can also [Summon], heal allied heroes, or increase their ATK. Their main row is dealing damage, control and healing.

Examples: [Zhang Jue] is the mainstay of the Yellow Turban summoning team, with both summon and damage dealing ability. [Xu Shu] and [Chen Gong] inflict negative effects. [Cai Wenji] increases allied ATK, while [Da Qiao] and [Huang Yueying] can heal.

Formation guide: Put support heroes in the back row. Their skills are usually random, so there is no need to consider damage when placing them; just put them in a safe place.


We hope you enjoyed this formation guide!