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Hero Spirit Strategy Guide

Hero Spirit Strategy (for reference)

Hero Spirits can be very beneficial in improving your battle prowess in the game, but some people may still be a little confused as to how exactly they’re used. Let’s check this little guide out!


1. Sometimes, you may get Soul Spirits that doesn’t fit well with your team. But don’t worry, they can still be useful! By dismantling 3 Red Soul Spirits, you can obtain 30 Soul Coins. You can use these 30 Soul Coins in the Market to buy a Red Hero Spirit Selection Chest, in which you can choose a specific Red Hero Spirit you wish to have!

2. Hero Spirits can be configured as sets together. Bonus effects of a set with two Red Hero Spirits versus a set with four Red Hero Spirits is different, as shown in the image to the right.

3. Red Soul Spirits are super important! First, make sure there are as many Soul Spirits as you can get in the slots, as it will be beneficial for you to star them up.


In conclusion, the Hero Spirit system is super important in improving your power in the long run. Don’t worry too much about not seeing an instant rise in power! You’ll see that the benefits obtainable from Soul Spirits will be slow and steady. By taking the time to obtain and star them up, your team will be much stronger and thank you for it.