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Battlefield Guide

Battlefield is relatively advanced content, so many players may not know that it contains the Actual Battle, Poison, Counterattack, Beauties and Burn chapters. Let's take a look at how to tackle Battlefield below.


Stage 1 Actual Battle: Use Liu Bei's revive, Da Qiao's healing and heavy cavalry breakthrough abilities to defeat the enemy with as few losses as possible and earn a high score. 

Formation: Heavy Cavalry Lu Bu, Hua Xiong, Zhang Liao + Support Da Qiao + Infantry Liao Hua, Liu Bei, Guan Yinping + Guardian Dong Zhuo


Stage 2 Poison: Use Tiger Warriors' toughness, Zhang He and Jia Xu's poison, and Da Qiao's healing to outlast the opponent.

Formation: Archer Zhang He + Support Jia Xu, Da Qiao + Heavy Cavalry Zhang Liao + Infantry Xu Huang, Xu Zhu + Guardian Cao Ren, Dian Wei


Stage 3 Counterattack: Make use of Zhou Tai and Taishi Ci's toughness to defend the upper lane. Defend the other land with Huang Gai, while the 3 archers eliminate the enemy alongside Zhao Yun with Sun Jian's ATK bonus.

Formation: Archer Taishi Ci, Xiao Qiao, Sun Shangxiang, Gan Ning + Infantry Sun Jian, Zhao Yun + Guardian Zhou Tai, Huang Gai


Stage 4 Strong Attack: Wei Yan's regeneration and Xu Chu's shield allow them to tank enemies in the upper half with the help of Da Qiao's healing. In the lower half, Xu Huang's stats bonus gives a damage boost to Wen Chou's heavy cavalry in the rear, allowing them to charge into the enemy's back row.

Formation: Light Cavalry Yan Liang + Heavy Cavalry Wen Chou + Support Da Qiao + Infantry Zhao Yun, Xu Huang, Sun Jian, Xu Zhu, Wei Yan


Stage 5 Beauties: Copy Lu Bu with Mage Diao Chan to take out the back row. Zhen Ji gives bonus and Lu Bu cleans up. Huang Yueying gives Yue Jin a little more survivability, otherwise you can't get an A grade with auto-play.

Formation: Support Huang Yueying, Zhen Ji + Heavy Cavalry Lu Bu, Guardian Yue Jin


Stage 6 Burn: Zhou Tai sits at the front row. Chen Gong gives a bonus and Mage Shuijing can set fire to enemies with his spell. Lu Su spreads negative statuses, while Lu Meng deals extra damage to burning enemies.

Formation: Support Chen Gong, Lu Su + Infantry Lu Meng + Guardian Zhou Tai


We hope you found this Battlefield guide useful!