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Drill Ground Guide

Struggling with Drill Ground? Here are a few tips that will help you get through.


A. What is Drill Ground?

Drill Ground is located at the far left side of the main menu. The five stages (Rookie, Training, Schools, Battlefield, and Strategy) are unlocked in order as you level up. These are more difficult than the beginner stages, but here are some tips for the first 3 stages:


B. How do you clear the stages?

1. Rookie

There are 5 chapters in the Rookie stage: Quick Attack, Melee, Range, Precision and Military Array. A different hero will guide you in each chapter to understand the basics of combat and troop traits.

The Quick Attack and Melee chapters, introducing Light Cavalry and Infantry, are low in difficulty. If you're stuck in the Range chapter, remember to put Zhao Yun in the same lane as the enemy infantry.

The Precision chapter trains your ability to cast spells at the right time, and interrupt the enemy while they're charging to cast their skills. The key is to cast your skills when Zhurong is charging up. In the Military Array chapter, focus on eliminating troops first.


2. Training

There are 8 chapters in Training: Morale, Suppressing, Timing, Survival, Hero Selection, Raiders, Division and Unity, and Recon. Once you complete these 8 chapters, you should have a fairly good grasp of how combat works. The first 3 chapters are relatively easy and you should have little difficulty completing them.

Chapter 4, Survival, requires proper timing and the use of spells to improve your troops' survivability. You will need to act quicker, give your hero a Water Shield while the enemy Zhurong is charging up, and heal when Yue Jin's HP is low.

Chapter 5, Hero Selection, is very important. Use generals that have synergy with each other to maximize the effectiveness of their skills. The key here is to put Zhang Liang and archers as far away from the enemy as possible.

The key to chapter 6 is to use Zhang Bao's Yellow Turban Guard to delay Yuan Shao. In chapter 7, cast skills while the enemy is bunched up to wipe them out in one go. Set the proper battle order to complete chapter 8.


3. Schools

At this point you have reached the advanced stages. There are 7 chapters here: Combination, Wild Beasts, Formation, Summon, Archers, Shu, and Pierce. Let's look at some of the more difficult chapters.

Wild Beasts: Put one of the light cavalry who can summon beasts at the top and the other at the bottom, as far away from the enemy as possible. The Formation and Summon chapters are easy.

Archers: Put Yuan Shu in front and Huang Gai in the back. Wait until you have the Spell Points to cast two skills in succession. Timing is key here!

Shu: Match Huang Yueying and Liu Bei with Wutugu, and Huang Wudie with Meng Huo. (In the last chapter, all you need to do is to push your pierce light cavalry forward) Here's the formation:


We hope you found these tips on Drill Ground useful!