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Cao Cao Skills And Combinations

Cao Cao

The time-limited legendary hero, Cao Cao – an unscrupulous hero in chaotic times!



1. How to obtain: participate in the time-limited legendary hero event


2. Event time: November 26-28


3. Hero introduction: an unscrupulous hero in chaotic times. Cao Cao grants allied heroes protection barriers when battle begins. He can replace other heroes to activate Affinity.


4. Skills:

- Tiger Guards: Cao Cao assigns 3 heroes as his guards, each guard takes 13% damage for Cao Cao.

- Loyal Populace: splits the incoming damage to units.

- Virtues: immunizes against silence, and increases ASPD of allied units.

- Tough Army: all allies gain a shield at the beginning of battle.


5. Recommended Combinations:

l Cao Cao + Wu Archers

Cao Cao has great defense, and he can also add protective shields to Wu Archers.

l Cao Cao + Five Tiger Generals

Cao Cao can replace Zhao Yun and activate Affinity for the Five Tiger Generals, and their defense will be greatly increased to enhance their survivability.

l Cao Cao + Tiger Warriors

Cao Cao can replace Xu Chu and activate Affinity for the Tiger Warriors, and their defense will be greatly increased.

l Cao Cao + Brutality School

Cao Cao can replace Dong Zhuo to activate Brutality School, and their Heavy Cavalry’s attack will be greatly increased.


What are your thoughts on Cao Cao? Take part in these events and get the time-limited legendary hero!