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War of Lords

War of Lords has 3 stages: Qualifiers, Group Stage, and Championship. The Championship has 4 stages: Round of 16, Quarter-final, Semi-final, and Finals.


Formations in the qualifiers are 8 heroes + 1 mage. Formations in the group stage and beyond are 6 heroes + 1 mage.


You will have to make hard choices about your formation with only 6 heroes: sacrifice offense for a defensive formation with 4 in front?


Or gamble for maximum damage while abandoning defense?


The elimination rounds are best-of-3 with multiple teams. You must manage your heroes properly to win.


In War of Lords, all you need to do is sign-up, set your formation, and wait for battles to automatically conclude.


You can get rewards without fighting yourself in War of Lords! Guess the winner in the Championship and watch the matches in real time, and get a big reward if you guess the winner!