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World Warfare

Basic Rules

Servers are put into groups of 4 every week and assigned to Wei, Shu, Wu or Warlords. The four factions will fight over cities during World Warfare. Groups are reset and reassigned every Sunday 22:30 - Monday 07:00.


Formation Rules

Players may set up to 3 formations for World Warfare. Teams that occupy a Mining Site cannot change heroes or mages, only formation positions.


Capturing Mining Site

1. Factions have multiple starting cities. You can send teams to occupy Mining Sites in cities to get Hero Spirits Coin and Alliance Points.

Hero Spirits Coin: Can be exchanged for items in the Hero Spirits Market. Alliance Points increase alliance ranking for better season rewards.

2. When occupying Mining Sites in a city, you can challenge opponents within 5 pages. Upon victory, you can occupy a new Mining Site for higher income.

3. When you occupy a Mining Site that is in the top 50% of a city, you will unlock the path to the next higher level city. Occupy Mining Sites in high level cities for higher income.



1. Fever is active 19:00-21:00 daily. Passive income during Fever is increased by 300%, and there is no challenge page limit during this time. If multiple members of the alliance occupy the same Mining Site, there will be an alliance bonus.

2. You are returned to the safe zone if you are defeated during Fever. You will only get a small amount of mine income in the safe zone.


Mode Reward

1. Factions are ranked each week based on the total score of all alliances in that faction. The winner gets a large reward.

2. There are also season rewards each season available to alliances that reach point requirements.

3. Halidom Coins are obtained from daily challenges. They can be used to craft Halidoms and unlock powerful effects. Halidoms are reset when groups are reassigned.