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Binding your Gtarcade Account

Binding your Gtarcade Account

Recently, more and more generals have chosen to make recharges on GTarcade official website. We are grateful for your support and have prepared this official account-bind guide for the players' convenience.


1. If you are logging into the game with a guest account, you need to register a GTarcade account first. Tap your in-game avatar > Player Settings > Link Account > Upgrade Account.

2. If you are logging into the game with a Facebook account, Google account, Apple account or other third-party account, you are advised to visit and log in with your same third-party account you are using to log into the game.

3. After logging in, verify your Gtarcade account as guided by the website. Tap Verify and follow the steps.

4. If verified successfully, you will see a "Finish" status in your Security Analysis: