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Gameplay Introduction|Brand New Cross-Server GvG Kingdom Warfare [Heartlands Clash] Secret Information! Prepare for War Now!

Heartlands Clash is a cross-server GvG gameplay on a larger scale than World Warfare. It's a siege warfare with over a hundred players within the same screen! Players from multiple Alliances will be engaged in fierce battles on the same battlefield, and you will feel the excitement of killing enemies and capturing cities more closely. Will you emerge victorious in the end as the overlord?



Participation Requirements

Server≥8d, Player Level≥40



5:00 Mon/Alliance Matchmaking

The 5 alliances with the highest BR in the server will be picked to join Heartlands Clash. Alliances of lower rankings will not qualify. 


5:00 Mon - 18:00 Tue/Choose Battlefield

Alliance Leader or Deputy Leader may choose one of the four battlefields to build the alliance camp: Xiliang, Hebei, Jiangdong, or Bashu. After it is built, alliance members may go there to set formation. Each member may deploy 3 teams to join the war.

While building the camp, Alliance Leader or Deputy Leader may select 3 enemy camps or cities as targets to declare war against. During the event, you may only attack the cities or camps your alliance has declared war against.


19:00-20:00 daily Tue to Fri/Attack and Defense

The four battlefields will be open. You may go to the battlefield to command your troops to attack enemy cities or camps, or defend the territory of your alliance.

After defeating all enemy garrison, you may attack the enemy city or camp. The alliance of the team that deals the final blow to bring target Health to 0 will occupy the target place.

After your team is defeated or deals damage to city/camp health, it will be withdrawn to your camp and enter Injured status. It may only act again after recovery.

Every PvP victory your team wins will result in the loss of some Morale. Morale affects Total Team ATK and Total Team HP.

After your alliance captures the last camp of an enemy, the enemy alliance is subdued and will become the vassal of your alliance. The two alliances will become allies to fight side by side.

Each battle rewards Glory based on the result and the damage dealt to enemy City Health.


Tally at 20:00 Fri/Battlefield Overlord

The alliance that has achieved the highest Power in each of the four battlefields will become the Battlefield Overlord. Overlord Rewards will be sent via mail.


20:30 Fri - 18:00 Sat/War of Sili

The overlords of the four battlefields as well as their vassal alliances will go to Sili and build their camps there. It's not allowed to subdue an enemy alliance in Sili. The alliances that fail to qualify for Sili may choose an overlord to submit to. Each overlord may accept the submission of up to 3 alliances.


After event ends at 20:00 Sun/World Overlord

The alliance with the highest Power in Sili Battlefield will become the World Overlord and receive huge rewards via mail.

*Note: Up to 8 servers are matched together into one group every week. During 22:30 Sun to 5:00 Mon every week, the participating servers are regrouped and Heartlands Clash resets. Heartlands Clash and World Warfare are open on alternate weeks.