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Master the 6 unit types in Dynasty Origins: Conquest


In the latest installment of the Dynasty series, you will collect famous heroes from 6 different classes and build your lineup based on their characteristics. Customize your tactics to counter the enemy's unit types and enjoy a rich and varied tactical experience!


Mixing and matching your classes is the key to victory. Proper management of their strengths and weaknesses will create a major advantage for you in battle.

The six classes are Shieldguard, Infantry, Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Archer and Adviser. They each have their own roles and characteristics. Let's take a look at them.


Shieldguard: Heavily armored front-row shield


Shieldguard are normally deployed in front to absorb damage and protect the back row, giving them time to deal damage. Their Shield allows them to take more punishment.


Infantry: Balanced attack and defense with teamwork


Infantry are an important part of a melee lineup. Their ATK is greatly increased when attacking the same target as a front-row melee ally. In addition to dealing damage, they can also help Shieldguards absorb damage.


Light Cavalry: Flanking attacks, anti-ranged


Light Cavalry are the bane of ranged enemies. They have greatly increased Crit when attacking ranged units. Open a hole in the enemy's front row, and they will be able to charge into the enemy's back row and eliminate their Archers and Advisers.


Heavy Cavalry: Shield-breaking charge


The powerful charge of Heavy Cavalry disrupts enemy formations and throws them into chaos. Heavy Cavalry can charge at the start of a battle, dealing heavy damage that ignores DEF, which is especially effective against high-DEF Shieldguards in the front row.



Archer: Long-range sniping, damage dealer


Archers are your main damage dealers. The further they are from the enemy, the higher their ATK, so deploy them in the back row for maximum effect.


Adviser: Weaken enemies while strengthening allies


There are many types of Advisers; some focus on Spell DMG, others work in a support role by boosting your team and weakening the enemy. Advisers have resistance to Spell attacks, reducing Spell DMG from enemy Mages, greatly improving survivability.


Strategy is more important than raw strength in Dynasty Origins: Conquest.